Thursday, November 15, 2012

One year old!

Dear Liv Riley,

 Today marks one year since your birth! What a whirlwind of a year it has been. It really seems like a blink of an eye when I was bringing you home from the hospital. You were just so tiny and had all that dark hair! I couldn't even believe you were here. Now I cannot imagine a day without you. You fill up my life with so much joy and laughter. You are so happy and fun to play with. Your laugh is the sweetest sound to my ears. I could listen to it all day I think. You adore Ingrid with all your heart. You love to do what she's doing and laugh at her all the time. I'm sad to say you are not sleeping any better. Your new pattern is to sleep in your bed from 8-9 then wake up and get rocked again. It takes at least an hour to get you back to sleep. Sometimes you will sleep in your bed for another hour and sometimes you just want to be held. I'm hoping someday soon you will start sleeping for longer stretches of time! Maybe you were just waiting until you turned one! You should sleep like a rock, ad much as you run around all day. You started walking so early that you already feel like you should run everywhere. You keep us on our toes to say the least! You now have four teeth--two on top and two on bottom! You stil eat baby food exclusively and have transitioned to whole milk this last month like a champ! We will work on taking the bottle away this coming month. I hope you do as well with that! Happy birthday my little poodle.

 Love you to the moon,