Monday, October 8, 2012

I miss blogging

I really miss blogging. I have posts I want to do from the summer still. But to be honest I just can't do it. I'm sitting in this rocking chair posting from my phone. My almost eleven month old cannot get her teeth to come through and is miserable every night. My two year old has been sick three to four times since school started. I haven't had a real night of sleep since my mini vacation in August which I never posted about. I try not to complain a lot but I just had to make a brief appearance. I love my blog and I want to start posting again. So badly. But the job I have, formerly known as a teacher, has turned into something far from what I ever imagined it would. It's like I'm going to college full time to be a "better teacher" while already teaching full time, being a mom full time and attempting to be a wife at least half of the time. And I can totally forget about being Stephanie who likes to do things just because I think they're fun and enjoyable. Wow--this is turning into far more of a rant than I had anticipated. I must stop. I hope to be back with a real post soon. If I'm not, you can find me buried under a mountain of school work that is "helping me be a better teacher."


  1. You are not a complainer and this was long over due especially with all the added school pressures that are being added at YOUR school this year.Praying Liv Riley gets her teeth soon!Love you!

  2. Well I am glad you are back and you are not ranting, well if you want to call it that it is okay to Rant, we all have that right. When life gets us down or tries awful hard then we have to vent to somebody and its best to do it in your blog that is all yours and if someone doesn't like it they can just click that x at the top of the screen and not read anymore. I personally think when I read a blog and someone is having a stressfull day, week, month then I know they are normal and no different than I am. Don'y get me wrong I don't want you to have a bad day just because I maybe having one, HA but atleast I know I am not alone. I hope your little girls teeth come thru soon, that makes for a very sad and grumped out baby and then it trickles down to Mamma. Good Luck and I will be waiting to follow your blog when and if you have time to blog again. Thanks for allowing us to read it when you have had time to Blog.

  3. Booo. I miss your posts and pics so much. Hopefully something will give soon with Liv and you will have some time in the evenings. I know you never complain, but you have such a huge amount of work on your shoulders this year--it is insane. Love you mucho.