Sunday, December 2, 2012


Every time I think about my poor little blog I get so sad. Because I love it. And I wish I had the time or energy to post all the wonderful things going on in my life. This blog is supposed to be my life journal, our family photo album. But I'm just so behind--I can't catch up. I'm really in catch up mode in most of my life right now. I just can't ever quite get there. If I didn't have my amazing family helping me all the time, I'm not quite sure where I would be. I still don't have my Christmas decorations out. Our two trees are up, but that's it. In fact, I just took down our Thanksgiving and birthday decorations today. I've always had my decorations up by December first...I just haven't gotten there yet. My mom always helps me with my school work every week. I'm soooooo grateful to her for helping grade papers and prepare my kids' folders for me. I have a wonderful co-worker who has shared her lesson plans with me for the past two weeks so I don't have to spend my whole weekend at school. I'm very thankful to those around me for helping me try to catch up. I'm supposed to be putting my Christmas decorations up right now. Tonight was my deadline (created by me). But I didn't get to it. I cleaned and did dishes and laundry and ordered our Christmas cards but couldn't quite get to the decor. Maybe tomorrow night. It's a MIRACLE that Liv is still asleep at 1 AM. This is the very first time she's slept this long since she was born. I laid her in bed at 9:40 and she's still in there! Maybe I should take advantage of her being asleep and do the same. Hopefully one day soon I can start posting regularly again. I really miss it.


  1. So do we.All the precious little pictures are such a highlight.Everyone realizes however how much it takes to work and have two babies 16 months apart, and we are so thankful you spend your home time with playing and playing.Your night time involves holding one usually so... there ya have it for now-thankful Liv slept a bit for you!:)

  2. OH sweet sissy. Boo. I love reading your blog and hate that you don't have time to keep it up. However, you are in a super busy stage of life right now and are excellent at everything you do. Love you so much.

  3. ok rest time over time to blog about our girls between sewing projects and playing this summer