Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st Mother's Day (pt 2)

Mother's day was such a wonderful day. I thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it. Derek and I got to dedicate Ingrid to God. Vowing to raise her in a Christian home and pray for her day in and day out. Honoring our commitment we made before she was born; she belongs to God and we'll do our best to raise her the way He wants. It was a special moment and I was so happy our family was there to support us.

I have confidence I will be a good mom BECAUSE I have such a great role model. I will try to follow in my mother's footsteps when I raise my kids. She is the best example anyone could have. She's loving, giving, caring, selfless, honest, strong, and spiritually sound. I love you so much mom!

The weather was terrific Sunday and Ingrid and I got to spend some alone time outside playing. It was so fun. I got a wonderful handmade card from Ingrid (helped by her Gammy) and a photobook of pictures from birth through 7 months (with help from her daddy). I love these two presents so much. I will definitely cherish them always! Apparently I can add Mother's Day to the long list of holidays I adore. YES!!!


  1. Thanks so much for the kind words sweetie! There is no doubt you are and will continue to be a great mom. The dedication was a very special day!Thank you God for our wonderful blessings!

  2. Such a very special day and your book Derek made from he and Ingrid was so special!Nice family photo too as well as of all the girls.

  3. Sweet pictures as usual. How nice it is for you to have your mom to do all those fun projects with Ingrid for you to keep forever!!