Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hurry up, Slow down, Hurry up, Slow down....

That's exactly how I feel right now. Every day at school I'm wanting the days to go by more and more quickly. Then when I stop and think about how much I'll miss some of these kiddos, I want the days to slow down. After a wild bout of screaming and "Mrs. Henderson-ing" I'm thinking hurry up!!! Then I think, Ingrid's almost ONE--slow down. Derek and I have been saying "Destin vacation--get here already." But--I'll miss Ingy so much... I'm torn. I have so much to do before this school year can be over. Assessing, grading, scoring, recording, reporting, etc. It makes me so tired to think about. But it must be done. I feel behind on posting. There are so many great little snaps I take here and there. At least I can get caught up on a few. Ingrid has mastered saying "Gampy" and she loves to say it. The other day when we got home from mom's house she decided she would call him on my phone. She was screaming "Gaaaammmmpy." Then she would clap and clap.

When I took the phone away, a small fit ensued. I was actually glad, because I caught a glimpse of her second tooth finally peeking through. She has a tough time teething, no doubt.

The fit was short-lived with the help of her new bucket to play with.

This next pic shows how crazy the weather has been around here. Hotter than hot one day, freezing the next. Regardless of the weather, Ingrid is all smiles!

This cute little knit bow is a "Big-sister gift" from Erin. I love it.

On the warm days, Ingrid loves to swing outside at Gammy's. This day Amelia was here to swing with--even better! And Pop brought up some tadpoles and fish to see. What a treat!

Ingrid also loves it when the "baby" comes to visit too. She just says baby over and over. Elise is such a mover and a shaker. I witnessed first hand this week that she can CRAWL. She's not even five months old and she's crawling backwards. It is a sight!

I love having all the little girls together. It's too much fun.


  1. Love the pictures,such a precious little one.
    Time goes so fast,and they are all doing more each day. Lucky a new one is coming along for more joy and fun.

  2. tadpole picture too much
    loves swinging
    read both posts together and put tooth comment etc. on the other one-lol
    love holding hands photo
    love you all

  3. last two lines of the blog = my favorite two lines. so true. we are so blessed. love our littles. AND, nothing is cuter than ingrid's pigtails. i love when they are standing straight up and i might continue to talk about how much i love them EVERY single time you post a picture of them. and where did she get that adorable jean jumper? too cute of you in your jean jacket and her in that dress. love you sister woo.

  4. Is that another tooth peeking thur over on the side?????????

  5. She could not be any cuter!! Love the "I heart sunny days" outfit with the pigtails. So cute!!