Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Reflection

I love Sundays and good sermons. And reflecting on life. Actually, I don't like reflecting on "life" too much. I usually live in my own little "Steph bubble." Avoiding the news, tragedies, sad situations and stories. I don't like dealing with "life." I've been blessed with so much and have honestly had very little hardships. I'm amazed at the testimony and faith I see in people who do have to face difficult circumstances. One person is my friend Kayla. Who was hospitalized for 37 days after her water broke early on in her pregnancy. We were able to go up and have an in-hospital craft day with her a few weeks back. I forgot my camera so all I had to document this fun wreath-making day is a couple of blurry pics on my phone. Kayla has been so strong throughout this whole pregnancy. Now baby Audrey is here and she is a fighter. She's doing well and I can't wait to be able to see her.

Two other amazingly strong friends are Jonathan and Holly. Their little guy was born with a heart defect and has already undergone 2 major heart surgeries. Their faith has never wavered. And Leeland is such a joy. Ingrid and I have enjoyed our time with him so much! Thanks to a certain film, we've been able to hang out more than usual lately!


  1. Precious little Leeland is so cute and definitely a fighter.I will be glad when you have a post that includes a picture of precious Audrey when she comes out of that hospital with a smile come July.You guys made darling wreaths!

  2. Kayla & Audrey are on our prayer list!
    Testimonies are powerful & God wants us to share them :)
    Many testimonies have brought lost ones to the Lord.
    Sheree' & Garrett are going to dedicate their little miracle Sunday on Mother's Day. God is merciful.