Saturday, March 24, 2012

Amelia Claire is 3

OVER a month ago, my precious niece Amelia Claire, turned three. She had a fabulous Mickey Mouse Clubhouse birthday party at a gym in Springfield. Ingrid was sooooo excited for Amelia's party. She practiced singing her happy birthday for days and insisted that she too, would be three years old. The party was so much fun. The only downer was that my camera battery died almost immediately upon arriving. Derek got a few snaps with his phone but I didn't get nearly as many as I would have liked. The girls were running around so quickly, I might not have had a chance for many anyway. Amelia had a precious, precious, precious disney dress on that Heather had custom made. I loved this dress so much! I wanted the little girls to have some festive attire too, so I stitched up a few Minnie Mouse head appliques for them to wear. They were too cute. Amelia had so much fun showing off all her gymnastic skills. She was so appreciative of all her gifts, oooohhing and aaaahhhing over each one. She is too fun to buy for because she genuinely loves every single thing. She is extremely smart and beautiful and I love her with all my heart!


  1. They had so much fun! Amelia loves gymnastics and it seemed Ingrid did as well as the other party guests!

  2. I didn't see this post?? You got a great shot of the cake! I need to steal it because somehow I didn't get one. The girls' shirts were so cute--you did a great job. Seems like she has already been three for ages, haha.