Thursday, May 17, 2012

10 years ago today...

Ten years ago today, on May 17, 2002, I graduated from high school. It was a very monumental night, and one I will surely not forget. High school was the biggest, most prominent "thing" in my life up to that point and it was coming to a close. I was super nervous about delivering my valedictorian speech. I was nervous about walking down the aisle and not tripping. I was nervous and fearful about being emotional--I DEFINITELY didn't want that to happen! And I was nervous about what my future would hold. I had no idea what would happen in the next ten years. I knew I was going to college to become a teacher, and that's about it! I didn't have a plan for when I would get married, have kids, get a job....I knew I wanted all those things, but I had no idea on what timeline they would come. Here I sit, ten years later, and I am humbled at how blessed I have been in these past ten years. I LOVED my college experience. I have some of the best memories one could make from my days at Arkansas Tech. I had an incredible time student teaching at Skyline and loved my mentor teacher to pieces. I married the guy I have loved since I was 15 years old. I started working as a first grade teacher at my alma mater. I have two beautiful, healthy daughters. I am closer to my family and my God than ever before. It's almost embarrassing to type out all these blessings. These past ten years have been wonderful. On the night I graduated, I was so happy. I loved my school. I loved my friends. I loved my family. I didn't know how it could get any better than that. But it did. And I know ten years from now I will have so many new memories to add to my stash. I can't wait to see what my future holds.


  1. Oh my word, how can just yesterday be ten years ago!You have expressed it so well,and this mom got quite teary then and now.Love you my sweet girl!

  2. Read this over and over. Love!! I remember being So proud of you that night and thinking that your speech was witty and creative and fabulous. We do have so many blessings and it is so weird to think that we didn't even know Ingrid and Liv were coming in those next ten years. I love you sisso.