Tuesday, May 15, 2012

6 months old

Dear Liv Riley,

Today you are six months old! I am in disbelief that it has been half a year since you were born. Time is soaring by so quickly. I want to hold onto every little moment with you. You are doing so much, so quickly, it's not easy keeping up with you. You have so much strength. You are constantly trying to stand up, sit up, or pull up. You can get anywhere you want in a room. Crawling backwards is very easy for you. Spinning around is one of your favorite things too. Crawling forward still needs a bit of practice, but when you try really hard, you can definitely go forward. (Sometimes this results in a face-plant, but you never seem to mind) You think your sister is absolutely hilarious. You laugh so hard when she does certain things. Ingrid always calls you Livy Riley or Liv Riley, so I find myself using your first and middle names all the time too! You are such a happy baby, smiling and laughing all the time. You love to play with your toys, or any toys, for that matter! You have been slobbering up a storm for months now, but there is no sign of a tooth anywhere. We also have had trouble with your food the past month. Since mama ran out of milk for you, we've had more trouble with your reflux. We switched to a soy-based formula, per Dr. Causey's orders, which helped tremendously with your spit-up, but also made is hard for you to go to the bathroom. So we've since switched back. Now you are having the opposite problem with too many dirty diapers in one day. Your poor little bottom is raw. We are hoping and praying your tummy gets leveled out so you won't have anymore of these issues. I'm excited for you to start baby food now that you are six months old. Daddy and I are hoping you are a good eater like your sissy. We will soon find out. You got to try a sippy cup last week and you did such a great job with it. You loved holding it and chewing on the spout. You actually drank all your milk from it the very first time! I was so proud of you. We are still working on sleeping through the night. You have some great nights, where you only wake up once, and some nights where you wake up every couple of hours. You are still sleeping in your room with Ingrid for the first half of the night, and in your sleep-n-play in Mommy and Daddy's room for the second half. You are such a joy and light in my life. I love when you snuggle up on my shoulder and give me sweet, slobbery kisses! I love you angel!

Love always,


  1. Sweet letter to our baby girl! Good job with sippy!Love those pics of you and your first try.You do love Ingrid and laugh so hard at her sometimes!You are a happy girl!

  2. She is on the move now!!!! Cannot put her down that she is not off to a toy or baby doll.
    Such a joy to see how she has changed and grown. We love her laughter and cute dimples. We are very lucky we have had our day with her during the week,going to miss that time when school is over.