Thursday, April 28, 2011

More festivities

We dye Easter eggs every year. I've always loved it. This year it was all about Amelia. She was really, really excited about coloring her eggs. It made me so happy! She enjoys all things craft and project. She kept saying "Me want another Easter egg pease!" Ingrid was still a little small to dye eggs. But she was definitely curious about what we were doing. Next year, she'll be all about it! Elise was perfect the whole time. She sat in her bouncy seat smiling and talking.

Lots of gifts were passed around this Easter. Mom got all the girls light-up rubber duckies! They were a huge success. She also got cute new outfits for the girls and Bath and Body wallflower plug-ins for us. She always gets us too much stuff. But I don't complain!! Ingrid got a new monogrammed sippy cup from Aunt Heather. She loves it. I'm figuring out that she likes using the cups without handles so much better. She's becoming quite the sippy cup pro. Amelia got a new bunny cup. She also got an animal matching game and some other goodies. I didn't get a pic of Elise with her gift bag because she was asleep when Amelia "helped" her open it!

We also celebrated mom's birthday over the Easter weekend. Jenn made her traditional bunny cake and it served double duty this year. I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for my mom. She goes above and beyond for every single person in her life. I'm so blessed to be her daughter. And to have her as a Gammy to Ingrid. I never ever have to worry for a single second when I go to work each day and that is a luxury I know a lot of moms don't have. LOVE YOU MOM!


  1. Great photos and super Easter and birthday! Love the sister shots!I think everyone loved everything!

  2. you got some great shots!!! i loved reliving it all--such a blast. the bunny cake was so stinking cute this year. and you went WAY overboard on the girls presents. (i love them) my word steph you are such a mini-mom on over-doing. poor ing, one little sippy....

  3. Love the Sister Shots, too!
    Looks like a great Family Easter Together :)
    Beautiful, sweet & precious little girls.
    The Gift Family!

  4. Love your family Easter photo-such a good looking family! Also, love the pic of Ingrid playing with her new magnets :).
    Turning on "Baby Mama" later on-haha :).
    Hopefully talk to you soon. Love.

  5. Good food, great cake, babies, bunnies, gifts, baskets,coloring eggs and egg toss.A fun time for all...
    We always have the meaning of Easter in our hearts. We all go to worship our Lord and thank him for what he did for us. What a wonderful Day!!!!!

  6. HI,
    Very cute pictures and I just had to tell you that I have made this Easter Bunny cake as an Easter tradition every since my children were little and now make it for my grandchildren. I thought it was cute that someone eles also did the same thing. I was just wondering where you bought the curtains in the photo with your husband and daughter(the white ones) ? I love them!! I hope you don't mind me asking. Thanks for sharing your blog.

  7. Sorry if you want to reply to my about the curtains my email is Thanks Tammie