Thursday, December 29, 2011

MB & Alex

We got to spend a little time with Mary Beth and Alex over the break. Not nearly as much time as I would have liked of course but I was so proud for the time we did get. We missed Maelea this time but Ingrid was happy to open her present for her! MB got the girls two sweet vintage dresses and me some fabric that I can't wait to get my hands on. Mary Beth had requested that I make her some pillows for I delivered. And I think she was excited! I have a good picture of the finished product somewhere that I will post later. I made her some coasters to match also. I really loved how they turned out and I think I'll make a set for our house too! Liv was all dressed up for our company in her new fancy boots from Dena and ribbon top from Tori. The guys snuck off to the man cave and Eli joined them to play some music. MB and I enjoyed our time together upstairs dreaming up big plans for the future. I loved every second of it. This is my first post from my new iPad that Derek totally surprised me with for Christmas!


  1. Yes Mary Beth was verrrry excited, she loved them & so did I - great job Steph. I hope you are helping make big plans for them to come here....
    Looks like the guys are having a fun time. I notice each one of them have their phones handy.... :)
    Precious baby girls!
    An IPAD!!!! Yippeeeee for you!!! Good job Derek :)

  2. Holy crap, you got an Ipad??? Awesome! Those pics are so cute, and yes I was soooo excited. The pillows are on our couch and they look super cute!!! I had such a great time, as always. We will be back soon, with Maelea, and will spend more time. I just did a post about how we didn't stay long in AR. :)

  3. your baby is absolutely adorable!!