Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Month Old

Dear Liv Riley,

One month ago today, you were born! I feel like it was just yesterday, yet I feel like you've always been a part of our family. You are the perfect fit for us. I love looking at your tiny dimple in each chubby cheek, your dark hair, deep blue eyes, and perfect fingers and toes. You love for mama and dada to hold you. Being held is definitely your favorite thing. You also like your bouncy seat for little bits at a time--as long as someone is bouncing you furiously! You love using your lungs. They are good and strong. Your cry is more like a scream! You let everyone in the neighborhood know when you are hungry. You have been such a good eater. Even with all the problems I've had with nursing (again) you are doing so well. I weighed you yesterday and our home scales said nine and half pounds! You eat every three hours (although you wish it were every 2-2.5)! One night you went five hours in between feedings. I wish I could say you were sleeping those hours, but you were not! You like to stay awake at night with mama. We get to talk, check Facebook, blogs, read, and watch TV (sometimes). We are already best friends!

 Love you so much, Mama
  Daddy took these pictures of you when you turned one week old just like he did when Ingrid was one week old! Sarah made this cozy cocoon for Ing and now you get to use it too.



  1. She is just a doll! Both of your girls are.

  2. Precious...Liv is a little dark- headed Ingrid!!!

  3. Give your night owl a kiss from me :). Praying you get some rest and have a supernatural strength in the meantime!

  4. Thanks for the picture of both of them. Love that. Precious little ones !!

  5. So alike & yet so different. Just precious & adorable.
    Merry Christmas Henderson Family

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE the double photos!!!!! Two precious little bundles!