Tuesday, February 7, 2012

19 months old

Dear Ingrid Cate,

Personality! Personality! Personality! You are full of it. You crack me up from sun-up to sun-down. When you wake up in the mornings, you stand up in your crib and start naming everything you see. "I see Sparkles. I see giraffe. I see legos. I see bird. I see owls. I see Liv's bed. I see me books." It is so funny. You get louder and louder as the minutes pass hoping your dad or I will hear you and come get you. You love talking and telling big stories. We play pretend with your dollhouse, barn, blocks, and legos for a big part of the day. You make up all kinds of trouble for your "guys" to get in. Most of the time they end up crying and we have to make them feel better. In fact, your babies, stuffed animals, and just about everything in your room cries a lot these days. Good thing you know how to hold and rock them, give them kisses and hugs, and tell them it will all be okay. You love this game. And when we actually do hear real crying from Baby Liv, you always help Mommy know how to make her better. You start rattling off things she might need: "mama's milk, paci, sheep, pig night-night, cat night-night, bouncy seat, pillow, swing." You are such a good helper to me. You still love reading too. You like for "Ingy read it. Myself. Ing ing's chair," and you like "Mama read it" too. You interchangeably call me Mama, Mommy, and Mom and the same for Dada, Daddy, and Dad. It makes you sound so big. You are still going to the church nursery on Sunday mornings. You are getting better and better at not being sad when I drop you off. This past Sunday you didn't cry one tear the whole time. Mommy was so very proud of you for being brave. In fact, I was so proud that I was the one who got teary-eyed! You love going on stroller rides and running around outside. It has been a very warm winter and we've been able to go outside at least 3 times a week most weeks. I love watching you run and play and grow. You are my precious angel! Love, Mommy Daddy took these photos of you in the field behind our house. You were having so much fun running free!


  1. This made me tear up. Ingrid is a doll. I just love reading all the personality-filled things she says and does. I think I will start greeting my coffee and oatmeal with " I see coffee, etc.etc.". :) Love and miss you.

  2. She is so enjoyable and full of joy! Her Gampy has stories every day from his morning stops.She is definitely a BIG talker.We love you Ingrid Cate!

  3. I love being with Ingy,so full of fun,loves playing almost anything with her MeMe. To hear her say so many words is a amazing thing to me. Thankful for the time I have had with her and Liv while you been off work.