Monday, February 13, 2012

I should be asleep...

It's 12:00 exactly and I have my first day back to school tomorrow. (We had a snow day today!) Liv is asleep. Ingrid is asleep. Derek is asleep. I know I SHOULD be asleep, but I'm not. I know I wouldn't be able to fall asleep yet anyway, so I might as well write about one of my favorite things about maternity leave. One of the best parts of being off was getting to take Ingrid to story time at the library. It was so fun to watch her interact with the other kids and learn the songs and routines! She enjoys going so much. She's particularly fond of Mekayla, a cute little blonde girl who is two and a half. She talks about Mekayla all the time. When she's playing with her dolls, one of them is Mekayla. When she talks about her friends, she mentions Mekayla. It's so sweet. She likes the older kids the most. Walker (who is almost three) got to come this past week and she had fun talking to him too. Ingrid loves the songs, but the books are still her favorite part. I think she could sit and read books for hours upon hours of a day. The past two weeks, we've worn our Valentine's Day duds and she has looked so cute and festive. I will miss our Thursdays at the library for sure.

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  1. So glad she still loved the library so much and started doing so much stuff there! She looks precious!Glad Meme watched Liv so you two could go alone.Looks like every week was fun fun for her!

  2. Ahhhh she is up there putting stuff on the felt board!! What a big girl. She is doing so much stuff now. I love that face of her pointing at the horse book. And, of course, I loved looking at her adorable outfits. Love you and hope today is a huge success back at school. Hugs.