Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Church Egg Hunt

Ingrid's first Easter egg hunt was at our church. It was a community-wide egg hunt and they had it broken down into very specific age brackets. This was really good for Ingrid, because there wasn't a ton of kids in her division so she could go at her own pace and still find quite a few eggs. She LOVED finding the eggs but she wanted to open each one as she found it. She would open the egg and declare "There's something in it! CANDY!" each time she found one. It was so sweet. She and Elise and Leeland were all in the same category. Amelia was off with the big three year-olds! Derek held Liv and she watched all the chaos. It's hard to believe that she will be running around in the big middle of it all next Easter! Both Amelia and Leeland won a door prize before the hunt began. It was uncharacteristically hot that Saturday, so we were all sweating the death by the time the egg hunt was over. And it was just 11:00. We went to DQ for an early lunch and called it a great morning.


  1. These pictures capture it well! They all had so much fun! They looked so cute,Leeland in his little hat and the girls all Eastery!

  2. Such a fun day. Love that the Jonny, Holly, and Leeland were in. Ingrid and Liv looked so precious and I loved that we were all there. Man, it was ROASTING!