Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maelea Turns Two!!

Maelea and Ingrid's birthdays are so close together! It's neat having girls the exact same age, but makes it hard to plan parties! We've already decided we're having a joint party for them next year!! Maelea had her party at her new house in Arkansas. It was outdoors and the girls had a blast in the pool. The loved jumping up high and landing on their buns making a big splash! While the big girls swam, Liv was loving on everyone. The ice cream cake was a big success. Maelea loved all her gifts. Especially her fancy heels. The biggest present was saved for last. Maelea rode all around the yard on her Tow-Mater truck. She is such a big girl! We're so happy to get to spend more time with the Hatches now that they're back!! Happy Birthday Maelea!


  1. Love these action photos of two 2 year olds! So fun and it is just beginning!

  2. I love seeing all the cute pics of the girls in the last couple of posts! Liv looks so old to me all of a sudden-how did that happen?! So, so. so sorry to read you were sick. :( It is the WORST throwing up. I still cry like a five-year old if I ever get sick. Hooray for being on the mend and having help with the girls! So I'm curious what you were wanting to make out of the Children at Play fabric? I could easily dream up tons of things. :) Have you checked out the designer's blog or online store? SO many adorable things!

  3. Maelea's suit is precious. I love those big smiles in the pool :) Best buddies.