Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nine months old!

Dear Liv Riley,

I am astonished that you are nine months old today. How have you been in the world as long as you were in mommy's belly? You are growing up so quickly. And your personality is coming out more and more. You are strong in every sense of the word. You are physically strong: crawling as fast as lightening, pulling up on everything in sight, grabbing and picking up heavy toys, and climbing on anything. You are strong-willed: you know what you want and go after it! If Ingrid has a toy you want, nothing is stopping your from getting it from her! Usually she gives it to you so you don't climb on top of her. It's quite a funny scene. You never want to sit still long enough to get your diaper or clothes changed and you let the world know you are unhappy! You have the strongest set of lungs this side of the Mississippi! You love to clap and wave. You have the cutest voice and I love hearing the new things you are trying to say! You can clearly say dada, mama, baba (bottle), and uh-oh! We can hear you trying to say a lot more words and I look forward to listening to more over the coming months. Everytime you drop something, you say Uh-oh! and it's so precious. I don't ever tire of it. Even when you purposefully drop your cup or Cheerios over and over. :) You are still eating like a champ, but you are definitely want to have something to feed yourself while Mommy is giving you baby food. You snack on puffs, melts, and Cheerios. You will eat almost any kind of fruit, vegetable, or meat baby food. You still have your same two bottom teeth. I just knew you would get a couple more in this past month since you gums have been so swollen, but no luck. You love to play with all your toys, and you move quickly from item to item. I haven't had a whole lot of luck getting you interested in listening to many books yet. You will sit in my lap and listen to one whole book a day usually. You're too busy and on the move. You go strong all day long. You're still taking two naps a day, but they're not usually very lengthy unless you're being held. Oh Livy poodle, your sleep habits have not improved since last updated. I think they've actually gotten worse! But I'm still trying and I will keep trying until we get it right! I have cherished the snuggles I've gotten to have with you this summer more than anything. You love to snuggle and cuddle mama when you are sleepy. I love this time with all my heart. Your cheek fits perfectly next to mine and you hum in my ear as I sing "Jesus Loves Me." I love seeing your sweet face relax as you peacefully fall asleep. I love you my precious baby.

Mommy Peacefully sleeping (with mommy) One of your "strong-willed" moments, wanting your sisters blanket I'll end on another sweet sleeping shot


  1. Love those precious sleeping shots.She looks cute matching Ingrid:s chair with her dots.She is a cuddle bug for sure!Love her!

  2. Beautiful letter Steph. Of course it made me teary eyed. They grow WAY too fast.