Saturday, August 11, 2012

Sister Snaps

The stomach bug has hit this house in a rough way. I shudder remembering the last 36 hours. I woke up around 4:30 Friday morning feeling yucky. I pushed through all our morning routines but around 8:30 I just couldn't do it anymore. Derek shipped the girls off to his mom's house and collapsed on the bathroom floor, puking my guts up. This is the first time I've really thrown up since 1996. And I did it over and over again. Around 30 times total. It was awful. Then my poor little Ingy got it, then Derek got it too. Neither of them had it quite as bad as me, thankfully. The girls are back and I'm feeling better. Still very weak from lack of food (yuck) but better nonetheless. I'm so thankful for my mom (who has been deathly sick herself) for bringing me a Sonic drink and a Neighbor's Mill muffin so I could have a teeny bit of energy to make it through the night! I have a bunch of random pics I'm dumping on the blog today. Cute ones that need to go somewhere.

This was taken at the very start of summer, back in May.  Can you believe how much her hair has grown???  We've played lots and lots of stickers this summer.

Sometimes they wake up from nap at the same time! "Feeding herself" lol I adore these dresses Mom bought the girls! Besties! She's always too nosy to drink her bottle! This game lasted for about a week...Now Liv won't sit there and let Ingrid pile toys on her! haha. We've tried to squeeze several crafts in this summer too. As you can see, we feed Liv tons of puffs to make it through. I love this precious vintage sailor dress. Too sweet. And she's done.


  1. Sick ,sick,sick, that about describes us! We need to see a side by side of you in your sailor dress when little lol! Love the outfits on them.Sweet sisters!

  2. Oh my word, I just love Ingrid's face in the first sticker picture. That just sums her up to me. So sad you guys have all been so sick. UGH. Thankful that this didn't hit in the coming week and praying that you get all your stuff done at school. Oh, and I just love the side by side crib picture too!