Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Story Time

One of the things I'll miss most when I go back to school (there's a million) is going to the library with Ingrid. She signed up for the Summer Reading Program and pledged to read 5 books a day/35 books a week. We read so much everyday that this was no problem and she turned her sticker sheet in each week with pride. At the end of the program they had a pool party for all the kids who completed their goals for the whole summer! She had a blast. And so did I. We would meet Derek for lunch after library and it was such a highlight each week. The summer session was geared for 3-8 year olds so I was a little worried about how she would do with the bigger kids. But she got her mat out and sat on her spot on the carpet each week with no problem. She LOVES making crafts. And going out to eat, of course! Towards the end of the summer Miss Sandy starting giving "smelly tattoos" which were really just drawings with scented washable markers. Ingrid loved them. Her first trip to the city pool definitely lived up to her expectations.


  1. I love a library! So glad you got to enjoy taking the girls this summer! I just want to squeeze Ingrid, such a cute, happy little girl. I adore the picture of her in front of the fountain. Pure joy! :)

  2. LOVE all her little outfits each week and that face she is making with her owl is priceless. So fun that you got to meet Derek for lunch each time too. Tradition in the making! I am happy that she loved the city pool as much as she thought she would!

  3. Love those pictures of her and Derek in their green,so cute.She does love that pool and frog slide.Lots of summer fun and it is always hard to see it end when they are little and not going to school with you.Great pics!