Thursday, August 2, 2012

Paci Fairy

Ingrid's pacifier has been with her from the beginning. It has helped calm and soothe her when nothing else would. It helped her sleep on her own, in her bed, through the night since she was 3 months old. I love giving babies pacis. I love that they have something they can comfort themselves with. She didn't willingly take the paci, I had to work at it. Pretty hard. But once she got used to it, she loved it. Ingrid would willingly cozy up for naps and night with her trusty paci and blankets. I knew the day would come when we would have to take it away. But I would rather have the ability to take the paci away than have to train her not to suck her thumb! Can't take that away! We decided to take the paci away when she turned two. So the night after she turned 2 (we didn't want to the night of because it was her party and all so busy) we gathered up all the pacis in the house for the paci fairy to take in the night. I copied the idea of the paci fairy from my sis. We had talked about it with Ingrid for a couple of months so she knew all about her and knew she was coming. The fairy comes to your house when you are 2 and takes your pacis to the hospital to give all the new babies. At first Ingrid thought it was funny and fun. Then the seriousness of the situation started to set in... It wasn't easy the first few nights. Ingrid Cate had a few tears and a lot of asking for her pacis to please come back. A few prayers to Jesus asking if the paci fairy could return her pacis. But after a few nights the tears stopped. And after a couple weeks she stopped asking about them! I think she did great.

The fairy came! (check out that bed head) She decided the toys were pretty fun after all!


  1. She did very good with it,but I hated her little pitiful voice asking for them that first week.She is preshy pie bed head and all!

  2. In usual Ingrid fashion, she was a champion. So proud of her and love the photos of her when she just woke up. Curly, cute bed head. Glad that's behind us. You have one more round with the Paci Fairy, but I'm done. WOOOHOOO.