Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Playtime at Nana's

School has officially started, but my heart is still in summer. I'm super behind on posts. So much has happened, including my husband's birthday, but I'm going to keep going in chronological order until I finally catch up. As I've mentioned in the past, the first couple of weeks are completely exhausting, so this will be short and sweet. These photos are from Glenda and Daniel's house, taken back in June. We had a lot of fun Sunday evening playtimes over there. They got a kitten and Liv was totally enamored by it. Ingrid was excited at first, but then she was ready to play with all her toys and didn't have too much to do with it. Cole carried it around and loved on it the whole time. Gannon was in the same boat as Ing.


  1. Nana has some cool toys! I love Liv's big, round, perfect blue eyes in these photos. I'm glad you are still posting summer things and have a lot to catch up on because then we get to still pretend we are in the middle of a super fun heat wave.

  2. Go Nana, great room and outdoor toys for all your little ones!!! Cute,cute kitten,glad Cole loves it also. Gannon is so cute!! Liv and Gannon should be great cousin buddies,close to same size.

    1. Oh a new Kitty! Looks like lots of family fun going on! Love the elephant y'all got her.So cute!