Saturday, July 7, 2012

2 Years Old!

Dear Ingrid Cate,

After weeks and weeks of talking about turning two, today was the day when it became official. You are two years old. I can scarcely believe it. It seems as if I was writing about your first birthday just a month of two ago. Two seems so old to me, as if no traces of baby remain after two. There were several times I almost burst into tears today. Not because I was sad that you are growing up, just because I'm so happy and proud of the little girl you've become. You are loving, caring, helpful, determined, zealous, smart, happy, and just so beautiful inside and out. You LOVE LIFE. Everything is exciting to you. I had so much fun planning your birthday party because I knew you would absolutely love everything about it. And you did. Just like you love every game we play and toy we play with. You are such a joy in my life. I honestly can't remember how life felt without you in it. You are my little angel.

I mentioned that you are determined.  VERY determined.  For two weeks you have been trying to hold up two fingers show that you are two.  You could get it every now and again but it took a lot of concentration to just hold up those two fingers.  You wanted to be able to pop up those two fingers whenever you wanted.  So you worked and worked on it.  Every time we were in the car going somewhere you were back there trying to hold two fingers up.  You mastered it Friday!  You were very proud of yourself and I am so proud of you too!  I love that you don't want to give up!

We went to the doctor last week for your two year well check and I was a nervous wreck. Every time I've taken you to the doctor you have been so scared. I just knew it would be a disaster. I prayed for a week before the appointment that you would do okay and at least let Dr. Causey check you over good. The morning of the appointment you were all ready to go. While we were waiting you said you would give Dr. Causey a big hug so he wouldn't be sad about your doctor visit. I knew this was your little way to say you were getting nervous about seeing the doctor but you wanted to try and be brave. You did such a great job! You never cried once. You got a little nervous when you had to lay down on the table to be measured, but that's all! I couldn't believe how brave you were. Your checkup was great too. You are a healthy girl. You weigh 24 lbs 13 oz and you're 31.5 inches tall. Definitely not the biggest girl on the block, but you make up for it in brains. You have the best memory. You can recite several books we have almost word for word. Long books too, with four to five sentences on each page! You did your first 24 piece puzzle all by yourself this week too. You got a lot of new learning games and puzzles for your birthday today and I can't wait to see what you will learn next!

One of my favorite things we do each night is say prayers together. I love to see what you will thank Jesus for each night. I can tell you are learning things about Jesus and God in your Sunday School class too because you will mention a thing here or there that you have remembered. You didn't cry one tear when I dropped you off at your class last week! This was the first time that has happened. I was so proud, Mommy was the one about to cry! You are growing up so quickly and I love soaking up every single minute with you. Happy second birthday to my sweet Ingrid Cate!

Love you to the moon and stars,


  1. where do you get all of those adorable smocked dresses?

    1. Thanks! I love the smocked look but they're so expensive! So I usually get them second hand through a resale page on Facebook-->Smocking Hot Mamas. Check it out! So much cuteness.

  2. 2-really?seems impossible how fast time goes by! What a wonderful letter to our smart little two year old!She lights up a room with her smile!She loved everything she got and will have so much fun with each toy! I am so glad she did great at the Dr. and that it was just a well check!I am glad Ms. Mary and Mr. Marcus are teaching her so much.

  3. Such a precious, sweet letter. She really is the smartest little two year old that I have ever met. (Don't tell the Buzz, ha). I love this wonderful girlie pie. Happy 2nd Birthday.