Monday, July 23, 2012

They're BACK!

Six years ago my best friend since KINDERGARTEN moved away. FAR away---over 8 hours one way! I was super sad when she moved away, but I was so happy for her to start her adventure in Texas. She moved to Texas where her boyfriend lived and got a teaching job and a house. While she was there, she got married and had a baby girl. So much has changed in our lives over the past six years, but we are as close as ever. That's the best thing about best friends. This was our going away party at Mary Beth's house back in 2006. We had the opportunity to go visit them several times and they got to come here on holidays. We became fast friends with Alex over the years and we were thrilled to find out we were pregnant at the same time and due the SAME DAY! How fun it would be to have daughters the same age. It would be even better if they could see each other more than just a few times a year. I always wished and prayed they would find their way back to Arkansas. My prayers were answered when they did just that last month. Not only are they back in Arkansas, but we are living in the same town! We went to dinner together to catch up right when they returned. That night we learned that they are pregnant with their second baby! I'm over the moon excited for them and I'm doubly excited that I will get to be at the hospital when he/she is born! Ingrid and Maelea have already played together several times and they have become fast friends. Ingrid talks about Maelea, Mary Beth, and Alex all the time. She thanks Jesus for them in her prayers. I'm so happy they're back.

Hugs JUMP MB and Liv watching the big girls Doing a little work on the computer Tea Party My favorite Winding down for the night Mary Beth, Alex, and Maelea: We are so very happy to have you back in Arkansas. We can't wait for tons of dinners, play dates, birthdays, holidays, and more. We love you and Welcome Back!


  1. Life is as it should be. What a special group you all are. Missing the Hatch family but knowing they are exactly where they should be.
    Your photo essay is BEAUTIFUL!! Hugs, Lynn Vaughan

    1. Thanks Lynn! I know you miss them so much. Mary Beth talks about you with great love!

  2. You captured that ring a round the rosy perfectly.So glad they are back home again!Lots of fun times and memories ahead for all of you!1020 is back!!You are all as beautiful and handsome as six years ago for sure!

  3. It sure was a long SIX years but I am sooo thankful they are back. Your post truly brings tears to my eyes because I know how much you missed your friend. They were well taken care of & loved while in Texas (thanks Lynn). But praise the Lord we will all be waiting together at the hospital for the next beautiful Hatch baby to be born.
    I always loved watching you two play together & it is just as much fun watching the next generation of beautiful girls play together :)