Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm really not a liar...

Many, many moons I ago I told you Derek and I were redoing the office a bit. Some rearranging, decluttering, and a bit of redecorating. I also said I would post pictures of the finished product. And I never did. Derek took some photos of the office way back in February (hence the heart-themed messages on the wall) but I failed to ever post them. But I'm not a liar, so here they are.

A little look-back to July 2009. This is the night we moved into the house. We hung our much-loved clock on one of the thousand nails that were in the wall. But aside from that, it's just dirty white paint, dusty white sheers, and tons of boxes.

We (I) went a little color crazy after living in a dorm for three years and then an apartment with paneling for two years where I could paint nothing. So we (I) chose this color--aquamarine--if I remember the name correctly.

This color drove Derek crazy! So one weekend when I was visiting Heather, he repainted the room.

I agreed that it looked much, much better. But it was still very cluttered and the flow never really quite worked for us. So we changed things up a bit. What made the biggest difference was moving the large bookcase downstairs. It really freed up a lot more space in the room. Here are the "real" after pictures.

1962 sleeper sofa: flea market/reupholstered
Gold velvet chair: hand-me-down from Granny Lane
Round wooden table: flea market
White bookshelf: Ikea
White floating shelves: made by Derek
Desk: flea market
World map: Ikea
Mason jars: flea market
Chair: Ebay/reupholstered cushion
Curtains: Ikea fabric/made by me


  1. It looks wonderful!It is so open and looks much larger.Love the map in there.I know you two spend much time in there.Of course I loved the aquamarine too.Hey, what about the wall paper idea for living room?Did you ever choose?

  2. Love, love the chalkboard wall and polaroids.! :) I would spend a lot of time in this room......
    and hey, who can blame a girl for going color crazy? :)

  3. This may be my favorite room in the house, and Ingrid Cate's. Love you can see the fridge in the one picture. Let me think,hmmm,love that kitchen also. LOL....