Monday, April 11, 2011

Plant Sale

Saturday afternoon, we (Derek) did a bit of yard work in the front. But before I dive into that info, here's the reason I titled this post "Plant Sale." This is mostly nostalgia for my sis.  When Heather and I were younger we absolutely loved The Babysitters Club book series.  We really, really loved the books.  Some of my friends and I even dressed up as the characters for a dress-up day at school in fourth grade.  Eventually, there were some videos made based on the books.  And in one of the videos--mostly about Claudia's handmade jewelry being stolen--they have a huge neighborhood plant sale.  I remember watching that video over and over and wishing a) I could be an artist like Claudia and b) that I could buy tons of plants and have an English inspired garden.  Our front yard is far from a garden, but we are getting there slowly but surely.  Derek worked really hard Saturday planting all the new things we bought.  Ingrid and I watched and helped as much as we could.  She was so good outside.  She played on her quilt with her toys for a while.  Then I carried her around as we helped Derek decide placement of plants.  She also rode around on my hip in her sling while we watered new and old plants.  And of course she crawled all around the front yard.  Ingrid discovered that bear crawling really saved her knees from all the little rocks and sticks in the front.  She looked so cute crawling around stiff-legged with her little bottom sticking up in the air!


  1. Man,did you guys ever love those books.I think the set is int he basement.LOL The yard looks great.I love all that you planted.Looks like Ingrid had fun helping/watching.The bear crawl is hilarious.

  2. she's sooo big. i loved loved loved that video. and i always though you WERE just like claudia. the prettiest and artsy :) this was my favorite post--what good memories. "baby sitter's club, say hello to your friends."

  3. i want to pull out all my old babysitter's club books now and read them all over again! i always liked dawn.

    - nikki