Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nine Month Birthday

Dear Ingrid,

Nine months seems like such a big milestone because you have now been in the world as long as you were in my belly. And it has flown by. You seem like such a big girl now. You talk non-stop! Your voice is so sweet. You babble at your babies, stuffed animals, puzzles, books, everything! You try to mimic a lot of things we say now. You do the best when daddy says something. There are a few words we can consistently understand. You say dada, mama, baba, and your newest phrase that you LOVE saying is all done. When daddy sings E-I-E-I-O you sing it right back to him. You love books. It always makes me laugh when you hold up a book right against your eyes and start reading it. At gammy's house, you love to read your lift-the-flap books. You definitely have your favorite pages and you let gammy know when she's on a page you don't like. You are still a good eater and I'm so thankful. You definitely like your veggies more than your fruits right now. I guess you get that from daddy. Even though the vegetables are your favorite, there hasn't been a single food that you won't eat. You got to see Nurse Elaine and Dr. Causey this week for your checkup and you weigh 18 pounds even and you are 27.25 inches tall! Dr. Causey says you are perfect and I would have to agree with him. You are the light of my life. I look forward to seeing your sweet face and hearing your precious voice every single day I'm at work. Mommy has had to work a lot of extra hours lately and it has made me sad that I haven't gotten to play with you as much. I think you have missed me too, because you have decided to wake up at night for me to hold you! Last week when I was working so so much, you made sure we still had our time together! We made the most of midnight to 4. Even on sleepless nights, I cannot complain. You are the most wonderful gift I have ever received. I love you so much Ingrid Cate. I hope you always know that.


This weekend is supposed to be nice and hopefully we can shoot some "real" nine month pics. These are the most recent I have and they're from my phone!  But Ingrid Cate is wearing very cute vintage dresses in these pics.  Both from Etsy.  Sailboat dress is from hartandsew and yellow dress is from teachergirl


  1. She looks so precious in her sailboat dress she wore Sunday!She definitely loves books,YEAH!Gammy hopes she always does. She is so precious and at a wonderful age doing new things all the time.!Great post for your little one.

  2. i love the sailboat dress more than anything, as you know. such a sweet girl and amazing what all she is doing in only nine months. miss her so much, as always.

  3. Love it when Itsy wears Etsy. LOL So, so cute.Those little toes just too much. Your letters to you little girl,precious.