Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a Mover & a Shaker

Ingrid is such a busy girl. She's always going somewhere with a goal in mind. And that goal 99% of the time is to find something to pull up on and walk along. She never sits still anymore. She's always on the go. This is such a fun age. Ingrid is so curious about everything. She wants to know how something works and what is making it move or light up or make a noise. She would be really fun to sit and watch--but you must chase her around so she doesn't knock her brains out!
She loves the DVD player and Wii. She's always trying to push the buttons and make the lights blink.

Ing is really into looking at books by herself right now. She reads and reads the pages. She's usually a very expressive reader--she gets quite loud.

The play cube is still a frequent hot spot for her entertainment.

Mom and dad got Ingrid Cate a little lion puppet book when they were in Vegas and she loves it so much. They also picked up a monkey at the Rainforest Cafe and Ing loves to give it kisses. She's very fond of kissing her stuffed animals now.

And how does she keep up all this energy? By stealing her Daddy's Snickers bars, of course!


  1. Her outfits are so cute! I think she and Lainey would get along great...Lainey is a very busy girl also!!

  2. Darling pictures. Nosey little one and busy as can be always !!!!

  3. Love it when she kisses her animals and babies here,she is definitely a mover and a shaker-LOL The little yellow dress is adorable!