Monday, June 4, 2012


Summer break is well under way and I've been having a blast at home with my girls! We have had so much fun just staying at home and playing with all our toys. The only places we've gone are to the park, church playground, and mall to ride the train! Ingrid loves riding the little train in our mall and climbing on the indoor play set. Liv loves watching her! It's the simple things! We are taking Ingrid to SDC for the first time and I'm so excited. If she loves this tiny little train, I hope she loves all the rides there!


  1. She will just love being at SDC with her cousins. If she don't ride anything,who cares,just so she has fun !!!! These are cute shots of her at the big Harrison Mall..

  2. She loves that little train and Gammy loves her her smiles!