Monday, January 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes

Saturday Derek took Ingrid's official 6 month photos. We used some fabric that I bought at the FM store in Springfield a while back for the backdrop. I had intended to use this fabric to recover a footstool and make some pillows. The footstool got recovered. The pillows were never made. So I'm glad it got another use. Ingrid wore her black and white striped shirt and baby jeggings from The Children's Place outlet. Her black leather shoes are hand-me-downs from Amelia, but originally from MiniToes. I thought it would be fun to show behind the scenes shots from our photo shoots.

Ing got a little play time with her pal Violet before she modeled for us.

Derek set everything up in Ingrid's room.

And he got some great shots. I love how the black and whites turned out.

I love looking at all the different photo shoots we've done with Ingrid to see how much she's changed. Now that she can sit up she looks so much older. I was worried during the first part of the shoot that she would topple over and knock her brains out. But I got over it. I've never been much of a worrier. I've always made a conscious effort not to worry. But I can see that it is going to be much harder now that I'm a parent. I read something in my devotional last night that I thought was worth sharing. It comes from Stormie Omartian's A Book Of Prayer. It said, "Help me not to live in fear of possible dangers, but in the joy and peace of knowing that You are in control." A good phrase to remember in the coming months and years!

Ing says, "Thanks for taking pics of me daddy. Love you!"


  1. so, i should brand that prayer on my arm. thanks for sharing. i always have admired your stance on worrying and how amazingly calm you present yourself. ing is a lucky gal to have you as an example. these shots are simply gorgeous. you are right--the black and white ones turned out beautifully. it was fun to see the master at work too--it always is :) love you.

  2. Love that line from your devotional. I will be keeping it on the forefront of my mind (or trying to) as we push on with the job search. GREAT pictures of Ing. She is so lucky to have such talented parents who are taking such care in documenting her early days. As per usual, I love the outfit. :0)

  3. Love the behind the scenes shots :) And ohhhh that precious little doll, what a sweetheart! I dreamed about her last night - missing you, Mary Beth & Maelea I guess. Can't wait for the day we will all be CLOSE by.
    Hope this summer all you kids & your kids can get together & us grandparents can beam with pride :)
    Love you All!

  4. Such a good blog and love the pictures in black and white..How fun to do pictures of the picture taking,clever.
    You have always been laid back. I am sure Ingrid will be the same,great ability to have. Such love in the eyes of Derek for his little girl.

  5. Love the quote from your devotional..such a good reminder for several situations for us right now! Ingrid's pictures are wonderful! I love seeing her little personality in the black and white photos.
    Where did you get the curtains in her room?
    love you.

  6. Just darling, do I use that word often enough?

  7. Can't pick a favorite but need an 8 x 10 black and white one for my dining room as soon as possible please. :) Such a cute idea on this post. Good devotion and you are an inspiration for so many. I love you baby daughter!

  8. Fun Post Steph! What an awesome husband! So fun that you always have a studio at your fingertips! Ing is precious as always!!!