Friday, January 7, 2011

Six Month Birthday

Dear Ingrid-

Happy Birthday!  You are six months old today.  Half a year...I really can't believe how fast time has flown.  I've heard people say it my whole life.  But I've never fully grasped how true it is until you came into this world six months ago.  You bring so much joy to my life.  I love you with a new kind of love that overflows from my heart.  I love seeing your smile each morning.  I love hearing your squeal and laugh when we tickle you.  I want to share each new thing you do.  I want to document milestones big and small because I don't ever want to forget any of them.  

At six months you love so many things!  You seem to have such a zest for life.  You wake up every  morning with a huge smile on your face.  You definitely love to eat.  You drink milk and eat rice and oatmeal cereal.  Now that you are six months old you get to start baby food and I think you will be so excited to try something new.  Toys are your favorite things.  You can play for hours and hours.  You are so blessed to have your Gammy and Nana watch you while I'm at work each day.  You love kicking your legs, rolling over and over on your pallets and in your crib.  You love sitting in your high chair like a big girl.  You love listening to me read stories to you and daddy playing the guitar and singing to you.  You love listening to your pal Violet any time of day.  You love big groups when the family is all together.  You love your pink silky and rubbing your eyes when you are sleepy.

Ingrid Cate, you are my precious girl.  I love you with all my heart.  Happy six months!


One Week

One Month

Two Months

Three Months

Four Months

Five Months

Six Months
Just a look back.  You can definitely tell which photos were taken by Derek and which ones were taken by me...


  1. Great,blog has started!!! Love all of it and the many pictures of our precious Ingrid.The ones in the rocker in her room are perfect,looks just like she is..happy and content..
    Can't wait for the next blog !!!!

  2. Pop's favorite picture is green chair,green shirt. Said, "she is happy baby and cute as can be!!! Steph will give her all kinds of good veggies and she will love them."LOL
    The professional shot I liked was hard to pick, but think it is 2 months old. I LOVE THE PINK outfit in green chair,that pillow is perfect for the picture..

  3. Gammy is so thankful to be be able to care for her. She is such a joy each day! I agree with Pop -love love the green outfit in chair. Of course you can't take away from the fall shot-perfect and her mom's favorite season.sweet words for her to read later.Yeah for blog Stephanie Michelle!

  4. Good job mama!
    It makes Pippo very proud to see you 2 girls being such fantastically wonderful moms to Ingrid & Maelea :) And of course the best dads, too.
    Love your blog & Ingrid will love it someday, too. Of course I tell Pappy that Maelea can read now we just can't understand what she is saying :) And I am certain Ingrid can, too.
    Hard to believe that 6 months ago it was verrrrry HOT! And now maybe snow????? Happy 6 months Ingrid :)
    Love you guys

  5. Yay!!! You started your blog!! So excited!! Happy 1/2 Birthday Ingrid!! Love you Steph!! Thanks for the Etsy links!!

  6. She is so presh. I am SO thankful you guys came up for the day even though I know you had so much to do. I just love this smiley little girl and I am pumped that you started a blog. You are wonderwoman for sure. Love you.

  7. Yeah for a first blog post! And such a sweet one too. Ingrid is beautiful and sounds like so much fun. :) Love you guys!