Monday, January 31, 2011


Saturday was beautiful. The weather was warm and sunny and we took full advantage and went to some flea markets. And we struck it rich. We went to the Junk-Shun Barn here in Harrison and then up to Branson and Springfield. Ingrid had fun. Derek had fun. I had fun. We loved the pretty weather. After we went to Decades to pick up the tulip chair Derek won on eBay, we walked down the street to Red Velevet!  I was really excited because I've loved reading all about their new location and store opening via A Beautiful Mess.  Ingrid was getting very hungry and sleepy at this point, so we drove back to Ozark to see the Halsteds. Ingrid got to play with her cousins, and I got to go to the mall for a bit with Heather and Derek. Found some good deals and had some good sister time. I live for the weekend.

Ing and I strolling down the street in Branson.

Our loot

*sidenote:  I got to re-dye my hair Friday night and I'm loving it.  I love freshly colored hair.  Now if it just wouldn't fade so quickly...


  1. Precious pictures and finds minus the deer head.You girls look so cute in your cardigans and big smiles.We enjoyed watching the girls while you shopped with your Sis. Amelia and Ingrid already love each other and have such a glow when they see each other.Elise will join soon.LOL

  2. Love that hair dark.woowoo Great buys, happy to see Ing likes to go to the flea markets also.
    You got your snow days. Know you will all enjoy the time at home together.

  3. yummy finds and yummy hair two girls look fantastic! Wish I could do some fleaing with you!

  4. ing's smile continuous to be the most precious thing ever. seriously. but, the deer head? seriously? come on--pleeeease don't do it. love the other stuff. laughed hard at the wood grain :) your hair is killer. even way better in person. you are gorg. come visit every weekdn. love you.