Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daniel's big day

Tuesday was Daniel's birthday. He turned the big 5-4. Derek, Ingrid, and I went over to Derek's parents for the celebration. We had pizza and ice cream cake. We played Wii Wheel of Fortune and The Price is Right. And Ingrid got tons of attention. Perfect!

As you can see Ingrid had tons of fun. She even helped blow out the candles. But she should be a bday party pro. She's already been to several in her time.
Here she is at me and Heather's party at 2 weeks:

Heading up to Ross's party at around 9 weeks:

Partying with Amelia for Meme's bday around 4 months:

She is a birthday party animal!


  1. are good babe. Thanks for posting.

  2. Birthday party shots are adorable-cute idea!
    She has grown so much,but that little sweet face remains the same with a special little smile.
    I know Daniel had so much fun with her there-it is nice for family to make birthdays special!

  3. You are staying up with this much better than I would have ever thought !!! Great shots of all the birthday times,that took some doing.Love that Daniel and Glenda are close by. They are enjoying Ingrid growing and changing. She is doing so much now,amazing, so cute and sweet.

  4. cutey booty. love all the pics of the parties--clever. so tiny at two weeks!!

  5. Can't wait for the girls and their OWN birthday parties!

  6. It is crazy how much she has changed since that 2 week picture!! She is so precious!! It was so good to see you both yesterday! I love you to pieces!! Oh and I already ordered a Itzbeen online - couldn't wait!!!! Love you Steph!!