Monday, January 10, 2011

Three-day weekend???

Since the first day of winter, I have started hoping for snow days. Ingrid helped me chant the snow day chant.

As a teacher, I love a snow day just as much as I did as a student. Who doesn't love an extra day snuggled up at home, especially when it's attached to the weekend!

Ingrid and I have lazed around in our jammies today. She started the morning with some cereal and tried out her new sippy cup! She loved holding it and chewing on the spout. But had to have a little help to get the milk out. She drank over half! I was so proud.

She has played and played with her toys. She has such a long attention span! She's still not crawling forward, just backwards. Here she scooted back so far she was almost underneath the couch!

When Derek came home for lunch, we bundled Ing up in her snow suit from Derek's Aunt Carol and went outside to look at the pretty snow! She loved it.

We had a great weekend. Too bad I don't have pictures to prove it. My camera battery died and I can't seem to find my charger at the moment. I've just been taking pics with my phone. Derek and I started off the weekend right with a couple new purchases at The Good Stuff flea market. We found two little owls to hang in Ingrid's nursery and a new end table for the living room.

We got to go to Ozark to hang with Heather and Ross and the girls. Dad rode with us since Mom had been up there for the week helping out with new baby E. We had so much fun. Ingrid even got to meet a new friend! Luckily Heather took some pics and you can see them here. Since I have no new pics of Elise, I'll leave you with an old one.


  1. Darling pictures!!! Love the one in the snow outfit. Good blog Stephy. Hey, another new table,woo woo..Cute owls, you can find the stuff at GOOD STUFF. Glad you had a fun day with Ing.

  2. Snow days rule!!!!! So glad you had a warm snuggly day with your precious little one! So cute in her snow suit! Great finds at flea market!

  3. I love this blog you've got going, so much fun to write you on here! Can you please tell Ing to do the snow chant so me and Maelea can have a snuggle day together? oh and did I mention that Maelea's first sippy cup experience was with that EXACT same cup? Of course.

  4. POP loves the sippy cup picture and the ones of her and Drake in the snow.

  5. Cute pics. I especially love the one of Derek and Ingrid outside in the snow. Glad you got your snow. Hugs.

  6. i love the closeup with her tongue out. how cute can you get? and i didnt know you actually helped her get milk out of her cup :) so big! here is to more snow.

  7. Way to go sippy cup!!! That's awesome!! That first pic of Ingrid and Derek is seriously the cutest thing I have EVER seen!!