Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ingrid's Idol

Amelia has been at mom's house since Saturday and Ingrid is enamored. She loves watching Amelia, listening to Amelia, squealing at Amelia, and the list could go on and on. She absolutely loves her! Amelia thinks Ingrid is getting more fun too since she will react to things Amelia does. Buzz will talk baby talk to her and tickle her and Ingrid will laugh and laugh. She thinks she's the best. It will be so fun when they're old enough to really play together. Until then, Ingrid is having tons of fun.

Amelia has found out that Ingrid is very "affectionate" with those she idolizes. She loves to grab you and not let go. She might grab hair, ears, cheeks, etc. Amelia said, "Keep my hair up. Ingy will get it."

Ingrid wants to try everything Amelia does. She was dying to get ahold of some of Amelia's big girl snacks like blueberries and Cheerios. She'll have to settle for baby food for now. She's eating everything we've introduced like a champ. No allergies to any of it! Hooray. She's had her three orange veggies: carrots, sweet potatoes, and squash. And tonight she moved on to her greens with a jar full of peas. She's loving it all.

Since she can't eat Amelia's food, Ing will just have to settle for watching her like a hawk.

We love you Buzzy Bee!


  1. best post ever. i'm with you--can't wait to see them really play. ingrid's puma hoodie is too cute and you guys better come over tomorrow. did i mention this is the best post ever? you got some precious pictures of our sweetie girls.

  2. Cute pictures that look staged but not the case at all. LOL Funny little pair. We have our darling Elise here now,won't be long and she will be right in there with them..

  3. Precious cousins.
    Oh Renee' is soooo blessed to have her granddaughters together :)
    Pippo can't wait to have her girls together, too!

  4. My sweet girls.The hair was hilarious. It was so easy to get those pigtails in once it was pulled. LOl Ingrid would barely drink her bottle she was so worried about Amelia Claire.Those pictures are too cute.Sweet post!Love them looking out the window.