Friday, October 7, 2011

15 months old

Dear Ingrid Cate,

Just when I think the stage you are in is the funnest possible one, you change my mind. I love how much you love to play and imagine and learn. You are learning something new every second of the day. You are listening to what goes on around you. You are watching everything that passes by. You are a learner. You listen, remember, repeat, and create. I'm so amazed at how much you know. Lately, you are very into counting. I can't believe you can count to ten! You love counting objects or just saying your numbers. Sometimes you skip the number three, but most of the time you count perfectly. My favorite number to hear you say is seven. You say "nehnen" in your precious tiny voice. You love to say almost all your colors too but you can't match the word to the color yet. You still love books with all your heart. You would pick books over every toy in the world I believe. But yet, you love to play with your toys so much too. You are very mothering to your babies, stuffed animals, and even plastic play animals. You feed them, rock them, tell them to shh shh if they are "crying", put them down to night-night. It's so fun to watch. Ingrid, you love all things musical. You try to play dada's guitar and love to dance when he plays. When you see the ipod you start dancing and ask to turn it on. You love to sing songs too. One of your favorites right now is "The Wheels on the Bus." You like to do the babies, mamas, dadas, horn, and wipers. You definitely know how to have a fit when you don't get your way! You've mastered it this month. Once your fit is over, you usually tell yourself no-no for having the fit. It's quite amusing. Dada and I have set your room up for your new sister to share with you. You love to point to Liv's bed and then your bed saying who goes night-night in each one. You talk to "Biz" every morning while I'm changing your diaper and you usually give her kisses and pats. I remember when I first found out I was pregnant, You were almost nine months old, and I didn't think you would really have a clue what was going on until Liv actually arrived. Boy, was I wrong. You are well aware of everything around you. Even if someone mentions "baby" or "sister" you run to my belly to check on "Biz." I love you so much Ingrid Cate. Happy 15 months!



  1. she is so insanely smart. and adorable. perfect letter. and she did seem so tiny when you found out you were preggo...leeseys age!!! love this post :)

  2. Presh. Loved every word. Wish u could have joined us at Brick Oven last weekend.

    P.S. Pics from previous post are Priceless! Love.


  3. You can just see those precious little feet fixing to run!Your letter says it all.Love you sweet Ingrid Cate,we know you will be a good big sissy!