Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Festival

This weekend was consumed by all things "fall." It was really perfect. Ingrid was so, so, so happy "Header, Rossh, Meil-Meil, and Elees" were here to share it with her. She only said their names one million times! Friday, I had to set up for the fall festival and was feeling a little under the weather so I didn't get to see them. But we made up for it on Saturday. We started our day with a little trip to the mall. Ingrid rode her first ride--the Jeep. She affectionately called it her bus. She loved it!! Elise climbed in with her to check it out.

She watched Amelia go down the slide over and over with adoring eyes.

After our fun at the mall, we headed down to the square for the Harvest Homecoming festival. It was PACKED. It was not easy to maneuver two strollers and a two-year old around down there, so we didn't stay that long. Amelia got to jump in the bounce house and the girls got some fresh-squeezed lemonade. And I smuggled back a bottle of homemade rootbeer. Delish!

I had to hurry back anyway to get to school for our annual Fall Festival. This is a carnival we have every year with tons of games, goodies, and prizes. There is a marching of every class's king and queen and we raise lots of money for our classes. It is SO much work, but well worth it every year. My game was busy the entire night. There was a line backed up and not a moment of down time from 3:00-6:00. I was so grateful when a parent volunteered to work our chance table, so one of the other teachers could come cover my game. I wanted to walk around with Ingrid and the family to see her play some games!

Amelia loved all the games so much. I love that all the games are a quarter no matter what! She won tons of candy and prizes which thrilled her so much. She fills her roll as oldest cousin so well. Here she is holding Ingy's hand on the way to the fishing pond.

Ingrid got a Capri Sun juice pouch and she loved it. I always dilute her juice with water, so she was so happy to get this sugary treat.

Amelia was digging into a candy bracelet!

Ingrid had her first lick of a sucker after a visit to the duck pull.

After the school festivities were over and I cleaned up, I joined the rest of the fam at Mom and Dad's. Only to discover Elise can WALK while pushing a toy. WHAT? She just turned nine months old! I was shocked. She got fancy on me and showed she could do it with one hand--while holding her sippy cup. She is unbelievable!

After lunch on Sunday, Heather and I went back to Harvest Homecoming sans babies to walk around a little more leisurely. Heather got some bows for Amelia and I got a gigantic bag of kettle corn. We had some good sister time. Have I mentioned how much I love fall? Because I really do.love.it.


  1. What October fun! Best time of year :) love seeing all three girls together. Glad you got to spend sister time with Heather and spend time with your family at the fall festival! Your jeans are so cute! You look so stylish, pregnant or not. How do you do that? :)

  2. I LOVE IT TOO. What a fun post. HEEHAWW for the Fall Festival. We just had the best weekend. I love you and I love our babies.

  3. Fun festivities and tradition of fall festival-Go Elementary for keeping it alive when it has gone on for so long!Love seeing our sweet girls having fun.So good on the little mall rides too-LOL_Cute pics!

  4. Oh that brings back memories. LIke the pencil bounce idea....might steal it. :) Adorable pictures of the cousins!