Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Out and About

The weather is warm once again. Really warm. In the 80s. Fall never can make up its mind around here. We took a stroller ride yesterday. A very slow stroller ride--due to the heat and not wanting to overdo it. Some of the trees are really beautiful right now. It's definitely not our prettiest year in foliage, but there are some good ones. Like this beautiful yellow one in our front yard!

And these red ones across the street.

I'm so glad Derek and Ingrid are feeling better! Makes me so happy.

Mom and Dad dropped by on their way home from Ozark and brought Ingrid some goodies! Aunt Kathy crocheted she and Liv matching hats. Ingrid loved hers immediately.

They also brought a mattress for Liv's crib they picked up at Babies R Us! We are ready for her now. And the Halloween bags Alana painted for both girls. AND a set of vintage blocks they found at a flea market in Hardy on their way back from Tennessee! We now have enough to make Liv Riley's name up on her shelf. Can't wait to do a nursery tour for you. Yahoo! I've been doing projects galore. No time for sleep when you need to sew.


  1. I agree with that last line. I've been making an "Anna the Owl" costume :) can't wait to see pics of your projects! Your fall pics are gorgeous.

  2. those are seriously the best tree colors ever. your little family is on the mend and just in time too. and is that the elephant outfit i see???

  3. That little outfit is soo cute!Glad everyone is doing better.Those tress look so pretty.The trees have gotten beautiful in the last week for sure.Glad your sewing projects are turning out,but you need some sleep before that little one arrives.