Saturday, March 26, 2011

80 years

Happy Birthday to my poppy today. Thank you so much for the following memories:

helping in the garden
cheering me on at all my basketball games
playing smutt
fixing your hair in millions of clips and ponytail holders
driving your truck through the fields
getting push-ups after school
bottle feeding a calf
watching me ride the big wheel over and over
listening to me sing songs (even made up ones)
taking me to cattle sales
playing slap jack
letting me tie you up (see above picture!)
listening to all my stories

There are many many more. But I just wanted to name a few. I love you Pop. Happy 80th Birthday!


  1. What a wonderful post. Lots of great memories.

  2. Now that I am bawling, such fun times with your precious Pop!

  3. MADE ME CRY !! Wish everyone was still goo goo ga ga's..Pop loved the blog !!! What a fun day we had !!!

  4. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. times seven million. love my poppy, and all the same memories.

  5. Happy Birthday Jack! Love the pictures & great memories you shared :)