Thursday, March 17, 2011


It has been pretty warm the past couple of days here in the Ozarks. And I'm loving it. I can almost taste spring break. It's so close. And I think the actual season of spring is close too. Because I saw buds on Meme and Pop's bradford pear trees! I love those two trees. Maybe we should plant some at our house? Or perhaps we have more than enough trees. haha. I love getting to drive by Meme and Pop's house every day before and after work. It's so lovely. And I love going to Mom and Dad's too. Makes for a pretty great morning and afternoon. Now if I could just work on the in-between. Kidding. Not really. But seriously...

Mom and Ingrid are usually playing up a storm when I arrive to pick her up. Yesterday I drove up to find this:

Ingrid was loving the mini four-wheeler. Apparently she had been riding it for about 40 minutes before I pulled up. (My back would have already broken in half, by the way. But not my moms. She's superhuman you know.)  I took some quick snaps with my phone.  Ingrid was having a blast.  I just can't hardly wait for more spring days and more outside play time.  Bring on the warmth.


  1. Look at that sweet girl having so much fun!She looks so cute and loved every minute of it.Love all the Bradford pears blooming too,spring is a pretty season.

  2. Glad I got in on that big 4 wheel adventure!!!
    Fun for Itsy !!!!

  3. Vrrrrrmmmm Vrrrrrrmmmmmmm!!! Go Gammy!
    Looks like lots of fun - not sure who is smiling more.....
    It sure is hard to beat Spring in the Ozarks.