Thursday, March 10, 2011

Totally Obsessed With....


I've been wanting wallpaper up in our house since we moved in. I almost almost almost covered one wall of Ingrid's nursery in Ferm Living's yellow trees.  I thought it would be so cute and graphic...
But I chickened out because it seemed so "permanent." And I like to change things up so much. But I'm ready to make the leap. Ever since we repainted and rearranged our living room a couple months ago, the wall behind the television has been driving me nuts. It's just blank. And white. And I want a big pop of color and pattern. That only wallpaper can give me. Derek and I have both agreed to change the color palette in the living room from yellow to turquoise. We don't really know what shade of turquoise. We could go more aqua or teal or 50s blue...we're just not sure. So I have started saving digital wallpaper samples in a whole multitude of blues. I definitely have some favorites. What are yours?


  1. what? no more yellow in living room? i love the yellow and gray... why must you do this to me? however, i love wallpaper and can't wait for you to slather some up on that wall. i love everything you do decorwise. everything. (other than antlers). so, i pick graham and brown circles for first and ferm living trees for second. BEAUTIMOUS. and third place goes to veroma. that was fun!

  2. Ohhhhh Little Trees is the winner for me!

    Love all those prints so much!

  3. My vote allum and little trees.However peony might be interesting. I am with Heather though loved the yellow and gray.You guys love change and projects though.

  4. I'm like you it seems so "permanent" but just ask my mom & sister - to them it is definitely not permanent, they have done it a zillion times!!!!!
    1st place - Verona
    2nd place - Peony
    Whatever you choose I know you & Derek will do a good job :)
    Have fun!

  5. HMMMMMMMM makes a difference to me, are the lv.cutains staying or going?? Cannot pick without knowing more.LOL Peony if curtains staying.2nd Lacework,think one of my aunts had that. LOL OH MY DEAR...I am thinking of ripping wallpaper and you are putting it up...


  7. 1.) Lofty Larks
    2.) Lacework
    3.) Family Tree
    What fun! :) I always get so inspired by the awesome prints on wallpaper these days...but also too scared of it being "permanent". I'll let you take the leap first! :)

  8. I love the Family Tree and Lacework! (and I had those picked out before I read Sara's comment...I promise!) :)