Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Back in Time

I need to go back in time a little bit to catch up on everything that's gone on! But before I do--thanks so much for all the feedback on your wallpaper faves. It's hilarious that almost every sample was chosen by someone. That really helps me a lot...hahaha.

Friday I got called down to the office...duhn duhn duhn. But it was only for these:

Derek sent me flowers because he knew I had been having a hard week at work and he just wanted me to know he was proud of me. So sweet. And definitely a pick-me-up for the busy weekend ahead!

Saturday evening Derek and I had to go help at the beauty pageant at school, so we made the most of our day with Ingrid. Sunday was a busy day too. We got to see MB and Maelea at Sheree's baby shower. And then IC got to play with Amelia at Gammy's afterwards!! What a day. Amelia and Ingrid played together really well.

Here they are at the play table.

Something caught Ingrid's eye...

Holy Cuteness!

Amelia showing she's the big girl of the bunch.

Ingrid was trying to be a big girl too. She helped drive the bus. Look at her little hand on the steering wheel.

On Monday, Mary Beth, Alex, and Maelea came over for a little visit. We had so much fun. I'm just praying and praying that they can be closer some day soon. I didn't want the night to ever end. Maelea is even more precious in person than in all the pics on MB's blog. She even let me hold her a little bit and I was so happy. I snuck in all the cuddles and snuggles I could. She is such a laid-back girl. She clapped all night long and waved and waved and waved! We tried to get some good pics of the papas with their girls and the mamas with their girls, but we weren't that successful. And as I looked back through the photos, it seems Ingrid couldn't take her eyes off our company. She was mesmerized.

Sharing & Playing

A-Hatch and D-Money with their girls.

Did you notice where the girls are looking? It cracked me up.

We tried to get a good one....Ing was only worried about looking at her friend.

This one was better.


  1. yeah! So glad you got to have a fun weekend even though it was a busy one. The flowers are beautiful too!! Did you decide on a wallpaper?

  2. Ingrid is always looking at something,she is so curious about everything around her.I am so glad she had fun with Maelea and her cousins.I can't believe how tall Maelea is.It looks like you guys had great fun with friends.I am so hoping they are closer soon as well.Ingrid loves to play for sure play cube,bus play table,whatever,such cute pics.

  3. Future besties!!! :) what a fun time, I'll post one soon.......

  4. Cute pictures of the girls. They are both too precious!!! The laughing and clapping my favorite...So will we ever know your favorites on the wallpaper Missy ????

  5. Way to go Derek!
    Girls girls girls we've got 'em! Reckon any boys will be coming along in these families?????
    I am praying too for the Happy Hatch Family to be closer soon :)
    Love all the clapping & laughing - I am certain BFF!
    I really like the ones of the girls looking at each other's dads....hmmmmm
    Love the one of you 4 girls :)
    So glad you had a great weekend! Hang in there :)
    Glad we could "help" on the wallpaper!! :)

  6. so so sweet. first of all, beautiful flowers and thoughtful husband. you work SO hard and do SO much for the school. those pictures are fabulous and i love the one where they are checking out the dads, lol. ingrid looks awesome in that purple outfit by the way.