Thursday, March 3, 2011

Etsy. Gets me. Happy.

I have a tendency to "favorite" one million items on Etsy, but wait to purchase.  And then they're sold.  hahaha. Typical me.  (I just did this with a dress for myself on ModCloth.  And it was on a killer sale.  Sigh. )  But I just might treat myself to a couple of these vintage goodies for Ingrid Cate.  Which one is your fave?

These are from teachergirl:
The back of this one is so sweet.
"My Toy Pockets"     Really??? SO cute.
These are from hartandsew:
Possible Easter dress contenders??
Too many to decide! I told Ingrid I might buy her a couple of cute new dresses and this is the face I got:
She might be a dress lover like her mama!


  1. Oh my goodness! I like the peach.The bird house one is a must.Can't go wrong on the white or pink for sure. Of course she loves dresses LOL

  2. The peach dress and the white dress are my favs. Way too cute!

  3. I think Renee' had one a lot like the first one.
    Bird house and white. Of course she will be a shopper and a clothes lover,how could she not.

  4. I'm going for the yellow! With that sweet little face though you can't go wrong!
    Love that hair Ingrid!
    I can't imagine that girl NOT loving dresses!

  5. Where did you get the rug in Ingrid's room?