Friday, September 9, 2011

First Low Ponytail & Mazes

I said I was going to get back to what happened over the weekend, but I need some pics off Derek's camera and I just have time for a short little post. So here it is: Ingrid's first low ponytail! Her hair has always been longer on the top and sides than in the back. She still has one section of baby hair that never fell out and it is super long. But the hair in the back is finally growing in nice and thick and I gathered it all together for a low ponytail Saturday morning. It was hilarious!

Ing has also started this new game where she wants to crawl under and through anything she can squeeze her little body into. We've been joking that we need to build her a maze with a bunch of obstacles. She crawls through the bar stools, under the high chair, through all the dining chairs, under the occasional chairs in the living room and even tries to go under the footstool. Maybe she really thinks she's a cat...?


  1. I remember your cat imitation :).

  2. It only makes sense you have a child that is part feline :)