Thursday, September 8, 2011

Liv Update

I am now 28 weeks into this pregnancy!!! And I'm super paranoid about not having anything done in the nursery for a new baby. Aghhh. I need to order a crib ASAP. I think about the layout of the room nonstop. I just want to get it right the first time so it works for both girls. I need to go to a fabric store to pick our some aqua fabric to replace all the green accents. So much to do, and my time is dwindling away. The good news is, I had another great report at my last doctor's appointment. Great blood pressure. No swelling yet. My feel have started to swell a tiny bit, but it's mostly due to the fact that I'm still trying to get a little wear out of my wedges and I'm on my feet allll day long. Liv's heart rate was 161 and my belly measured 20 cm. There was a little discrepancy about my weight gain. The nurse said I had gained 8 lbs total, doc said 5 lbs....I think I'll go with the doctor this time! hahaha. I have been eating like crazy so I'm scared to see what this next step on the scale reads. I go this morning for my glucose test and regular checkup. Prayers for passing the sugar test please. You all know how much I live for coke and candy. Let's hope my version of eating it "in moderation" is the same as the doctor's. I've been feeling great. Tired, of course, but I would be tired at this point in the school year even if I wasn't pregnant and chasing around a 1-year old! Liv is very, very active. She can be breaking one of my ribs one second and squeezing the life out of my bladder the next. She is here, there, and everywhere. Her movements are very sharp and strong. I never have to guess how she's doing in there, because she lets me know she is fine and dandy! I love being pregnant and I'm trying to remember every little part of pregnancy in case this is my last. You never know where life takes you. I would love to have more children, but if that's not part of God's plan for my life, I want to make sure and enjoy every minute of carrying a child. I've been trying to keep up on my weekly photos and I've been successful this month (even if one week, the pic was at Heather's house!) I usually wait until the last day of the week to take the photo. Procrastinator.

Stretchy pants and self timed pic--not a good look.

Too tight yoga pants. Yikes.

Cute shirt from Francesca's, regular jeans, and wedges--yay!

Maternity shirt from Target, regular jeans!

Love this shirt from Dillards, not-so-crazy about this maternity skirt.

And to prove I'm MUCH larger than I was with Ing, here is a flashback to 28 weeks pregnant is 2010.


  1. Love the green shirt from Target!
    Can't wait to meet Liv. I wonder what she'll look like...such exciting times! :) :) Praying your glucose test went well. Mine was a miracle it did-considering the sugar I consumed while pregnant. Large Vanilla Coke from Sonic, anyone?

  2. p.s.-regular jeans, btw? Are you kidding me? You go Steph. :)

  3. Okay, so you are bigger, but when you think about how incredibly small you were with Ing, it doesn't really count. But, thanks for the flashback pic; those are my fave. And, I love these preggo pictures.