Friday, September 2, 2011


Ingrid has taken an interest in her little vintage rocking horse we got her for her birthday! Up until now, she has pretty much ignored it except for the occasional bell jingle or hello. Now she's ready to ride and rock and I love it! She also proved me as a big lier the day after my animals post. She said "horses" perfectly when I went to pick her up at mom's and she saw the neighbor's horses. Apparently I don't even know what all she can say. I can't keep up with that girl!

Sometimes her animals want a ride.

They like to ride backwards.

And then need to take a little, tiny rest.

Rocking horse purchased from Broadway Treasure Hunt. I can't wait until Liv is ready to take a ride.


  1. How sweet. would love to see you soon!

  2. She can pretty much say anything or at least try, her Gampy and I have decided.It is amazing.She is delightful player and loves those animals.So glad she decided to love her horse.