Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Weekend!

I haven't been in the blogging mood the last couple of days because my nieces have been so sick. :( I was sad for those little tots and for their mom. Elise still has to be watched closely for the next few days and Amelia got antibiotics for her double ear infection. Hopefully they will be on the mend soon.

I will be husband-less and computer-less this weekend. Derek is going to Russellville to shoot video and photos for CHRISTeens and he's taking our computer with him. So I'll just leave you with a few photos of Ingrid looking cute and mischievous climbing on the couch!

Happy Weekend


  1. Looks just like her,always has that smile. So very precious to us all. Babies being sick, very stressful, they will be fine tho.
    Love picture blogs of our cute Itsy.

  2. She's so stinkin' cute. I haven't had enough energy to blog lately, busy times. Can't wait to see you!

  3. Love the way she is hanging on for dear life to afghan when doing splits.She is a preshy pooh for sure! You two will have a fun time. Sorry Bees sick and we can't join you.

  4. Thanks for letting us keep on seeing the cutey patootey!
    Hope everybody gets well soon - being sick is no fun for anybody :(
    Spring is coming!! Maybe that will help :)