Saturday, February 12, 2011


I found this precious little paper doll outline on CreatureComforts who originally found it via Kiddley.
It is the most simple outline but I had so much fun making clothes on Photoshop for my girl and boy (who resemble the papa bear and me?). I had never used Photoshop before starting this blog, but I've watched Derek work on it for years.  It was way too fun and I might be obsessed...
It's the perfect image for Valentine's Day. Which is in two days!?! I believe it is our 11th V-day together. I love this holiday. But I must get busy getting my gifts wrapped! I found the cutest paper at Target on the dollar spot. I will probably have to double it because I'm sure it's tissue-paper-thin. But it was worth it for a buck! I love a good deal. Speaking of good deal, if you want to have as much fun as me, create your paperdolls with this free download.


  1. So cute and I am sure you enjoyed every minute of it! LOL 11th is righto for you two-dated 7 married 4

  2. you are so crafty....and how cute are they?? I saw it on your fb page. I'm about to attempt a little project, inspired by you! love,

  3. gosh, you are so incredible. You are talented beyond belief, and you are my wife! I love you.