Monday, February 14, 2011

Where is the love?

Right here! We've been loved on and loved on this Valentine's holiday. Our celebration started this weekend with a visit from the Halsteds. The little girls exchanged gifts and Heather snuck in a gift for me! Ing loved the book Amelia picked out for her she I really loved the vintage romper that Heather picked out. I had mentioned that I found the cutest romper to Heather one day on the phone. It was in my "favorites" on Etsy (along with a million other things) and I was sad when I saw it sold. BUT it was sold to my sister!!! It is from Lishyloo, one of our favorite sellers.
We got Amelia a cute little baby sling to carry her dolls around! She loved it and I was so proud. I've been hanging on to that thing forever! It's from Etsy seller SnuggyBaby.
Ingrid Cate had so much fun watching every move Amelia made, as usual. But this weekend she revisited another favorite pastime: tearing paper. She loved it at Christmas, but even more so now that she's older. She was in heaven.
She also go super snazzy gold sandals for summer from Gammy and Gampy. And some much-needed 9 month sized jammies.
And we can't forget about Eeesie poo (as Amelia called her this weekend). She got gifts too!  (You might notice I snuck in a picture of some of my v-day decorations.  Heeheehee.)
We had so much fun with our family this weekend! I didn't want them to go back home. At least I'm left with these precious hand-made potato-print valentines from Amelia. I love them.
Derek and I were going to wait until Valentine's Day to exchange our gifts...but we were too excited. We opened them Sunday night! Ingrid was too sleepy, so she waited.
D got new compression shorts for bball and I got a Sephora gift card!!! We were just in Sephora because I wanted some new makeup so badly, but I just couldn't justify spending so much. So he snuck back in the store and got me a gift card and I can't wait to use it!
We got to give Ingrid her Valentine from us today and she was so happy to have more paper gifts!!
Ingrid got loads of stuff for her first V-day! I didn't get any pics of her presents from her Nana and Meme. Drat.

Derek and I got to go out to dinner tonight to Devitos! A local restaurant that serves the best lasagna and rainbow trout. Can you guess who got what?
I found a couple of scrapbook pages from Valentine's gone by. The first one is from 2004, our last V-day in Russellville. It was a really warm day (kinda like today) and we spend it at the park!
The other one I found is from the very next year when we had moved back to Harrison. Derek made me an 80s mix CD and created custom cover art! I loved it.
He's always so creative and thoughtful. I'm so thankful to be spending our 11th valentines together! I love you so much.

And I'll leave you with a preshy pic of our cupid!


  1. Precious photos and darling Valentine decorations,I love the tearing of the paper.LOL You guys look nice on your way out for dinner and great gifts to each other.Those older scrapbook page photos are cute,great idea.Love the pictures of all my girls!

  2. LOVED IT ALL !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. great post--cupid picture is my favorite. i laughed and laughed--your blog is awesome. what a fun weekend! love you so much steph and every second i get to spend with you. oh, and i still can't help but picture ing in that new yellow swimsuit every few minutes.

  4. GREAT post! Love all the pics, cute outfits, scrunchy nose smiles, snazzy parents, love it all!

  5. Cute, cute Ingrid :), fun times out with Derek (hooray for dates!), and I'm loooving your hair color. It's fabulous :).

  6. Hi Stephanie, what a great post! Ingrid just keeps getting cuter by the minute! Loved those homemade Valentine's cards! Cute, cute, cute. And, Btw, thanks for checking up on the job situation. No news to report on the job front. I really thought that this interview I came down for in Irving was going to be it...but, alas, it seems to be a no. It's all very frustrating to say the least. I am trying to stay positive about all this, but it's getting harder by the day. :0(

  7. aww Ingrid is so sweet! They grow up so quickly... :)

    There's a giveaway of $60 gift card to spend on kids clothes here if you're interested for Ingrid:

    I hoe you have a lovely day! Don't forget to take lots of photos of you and ingrid, you'll cherish them forever :)