Sunday, February 6, 2011

On the move

Derek and I had a good weekend. We got a kick out of watching Ingrid move all around her room. She is one scootin' girl!

We also did more work on the office. I (kind of) helped him make some wall shelves. We'll have pics of the newly vamped-up space coming soon! We also cleaned and straightened up the house a bit before we jet off to Memphis tomorrow. Derek had his first visitors come down to the family room man cave to watch the big game tonight. Here's a sneak peek into the space!

Ingrid and I visited a couple of times but we mostly stayed upstairs playing and doing laundry. I made some snacks that were so rich and yummy. I saw the recipe on Bakerella and I knew I must make them for my peanutbutter-cup-loving husband. And they did not disappoint.  Brownies with peanut butter cups inside?  I die with delight!

Tomorrow Ingrid is 7 months old...tear...


  1. Good job Ingrid,love the one under bed.Looks like yummy treats for the boys,dad said they were delicious. Man cave looks great.Have a safe and wonderful trip and I will be enjoying that precious girl while you two are gone.

  2. Clever to show all the moves itsy makes. What a mover and a shaker,she will get that all under control soon..And then, WATCH OUT,all over that house !!!!!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE

  3. cutesy wutesy thought bubbles. go ingrid cate. remember when amelia was little and had scooted under her bed and i couldn't find her? lol. and when i got the text of that brownie bite, i wanted one the rest of the night. thanks.

  4. She is so stinking cute! I can see you and Derek in her. Dan and I want to know what you did to your basement floor. It looks really neat and we are getting ready to remodel ours and are torn on what to do.

  5. Super fun post! I meant to text you today. Last night I had multiple dreams that you and Derek were in, so I kinda feel like we all got to hang out! :) It was fun times!! Miss y'all!!