Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Other Plans

I've been itching to put Ingrid in one of the pretty vintage dresses I snagged for her on Etsy a few weeks ago. Derek left for a bball game tonight and I thought it would be the perfect time to play a little dress up with Ingrid Cate. She had other plans. The green rocker in her room is usually the perfect spot for a little photo op. She had other plans. I thought, maybe she will sit in her crib for a quick snap in this precious dress. She had other plans. She is no longer stationary. She is mobile. A mover. A shaker. And although I didn't get the perfect picture, I love chasing her with my camera.

Lately, if you are on the floor playing toys with Ingrid, and she realizes you are there, she will abandon all play things. For the great challenge of climbing you! She will pull and tug and climb and crawl until she is successfully sitting in your lap or you are holding her to keep her from climbing up to your shoulders! This is a very fun game. For her.


  1. Precious purple dress! Yes,she definitely loves to pull up on you and stand and crawl over or on you.I love the smile in green chair where she is about to peek behind.Looks like she has found her window as well.:)Our sweet girl!

  2. :) What fun with your "mover and shaker". :) I love the dress and your Ingrid quotes made me smile. Oh, and love the purple and yellow you have on! Cute :)

  3. Well, here is the deal, you were just like that.LOL She reminds me so much of you,amazing !! Darling dress !!!

  4. LOVE IT! come back anytime for more dressies for this angel! she looks great in purple!